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uprightAward-winning all-rounder Tim Minchin stars in this irreverent eight-part Aussie road trip comedy drama (see review) as the ironically named Laclan ‘Lucky’ Flynn, a down-on-his-luck middle-aged man travelling across Australia to deliver an old upright piano to his dying mother. Former member of a defunct rock band, Lucky is a sad, narcissistic and tormented lost soul. In a dramatic twist of fate, his path collides with teenage runaway Meg (the delightful Milly Alcock). Smart, resourceful, sweary and bossy, she has secrets and problems of her own. As well as being an ace pool player and hilarious runner, Meg is a determined lawbreaker and all-round pain in the neck. Set against a backdrop of stunning outback scenery, this unlikely pair throw in their lot with each other and slowly reveal, through a series of quirky adventures along the way, what each of them might be running away from, and what it is they are seeking on the road. ‘Clever, scenic, and addictively good ... with electric performances.’ - The Guardian. You could win a DVD of this exhilarating series by answering the following question: How old is Meg really? Send your name, address and the answer to by 10 December 2020, and the best of luck.


Inspector Montalbano Collection 10Our favourite Sicilian detective, Salvo Montalbano, makes a welcome return for another enthralling series (see review). Collection 10 features two new gripping mysteries based on some of the great Andrea Camilleri’s final works, again starring the brilliant Luca Zingaretti as as the sharp, unconventional detective who fights to succeed within Italy’s precarious justice system, alongside his trusted colleagues. In Beloved Salvo, My Livia, a gifted young researcher suffers a brutal death in a public records centre, but the leads don’t add up. The case hits particularly close to home, as the victim was a close friend of Montalbano’s girlfriend Livia. Could their work with immigrant orphans have something to do with her death? In The Safety Net, a Swedish TV drama production creates a buzz, prompting residents to dig out their old home videos. When a local uncovers mysterious old footage in his attic, Montalbano tries to figure out the story behind the videos. Meanwhile, a break-in at a primary school reveals the darker side of social media ... could the two cases be linked? ‘Gorgeous Sicilian backdrops ... . Luca Zingaretti remains undimmed as the chilled detective ... lustrous.’ - Radio Times. You could win a DVD of INSPECTOR MONTALBANO - COLLECTION 10 by answering the following question: What is the name of Salvo’s home town? Send your name, address and the answer to by 11 December 2020, and the best of luck.


The Son’s RoomAprileNanni Moretti writes, directs and stars in In The Son’s Room, a story of family grief and bereavement. Psychiatrist Giovanni (Moretti) lives happily with his family in a small Italian coastal town. One Sunday he is due to spend time with his son Andrea, when he receives an anguished call from one of his patients, and feels he must go and see him instead; however later that afternoon Andrea accidentally drowns in a diving accident. Over the following weeks, Giovanni, his wife Paola, and daughter Irene, remain shell-shocked with grief; with Giovanni suspending his practice, and relations between himself and Paola becoming increasingly difficult. When a letter then arrives from a girl who Andrea had met the previous summer, they all become curious to learn more about this person who meant so much to their departed son and brother. In Aprile, Moretti presents a semi-autobiographical account of his experiences in fatherhood, beginning when his wife Silvia’s announces her pregnancy. Family, work and politics mingle in a charming light-hearted tale with a large helping of irony and humour. Following the general election of 1994, won by the centre-right coalition led by Silvio Berlusconi, Moretti is encouraged by a journalist friend to make a documentary about the current political situation in Italy. Two years pass and he has still made no progress with his documentary. He starts another project, a musical about a Trotskyist pastry chef in the 1950s, but becomes disillusioned and increasingly distracted by the pregnancy. When his son is born and the centre-left coalition Ulivo wins the election, he continues to try to shoot his documentary, but with the film remaining unfinished he must learn to stop hesitating in order to complete his passion project. StudioCanal will release The Son’s Room and Aprile on Blu-ray on November 23, in brand new restorations with many special features. You could win one of two copies of both THE SON’S ROOM or APRILE by answering the following question: In which city is Nanni Moretti a lifelong resident? Send your name, address and the answer to by 7 December 2020, and the best of luck.


ALL CREATURES GREAT AND SMALLBeloved classic All Creatures Great and Small - based on the life and times of veterinary surgeon and writer James Herriot - gets a sparkling new remake with all the charm of the original in Channel 5’s record breaking series starring Nicholas Ralph as the young vet who is taken under the wing of renowned veterinary surgeon Seigfried Farnon (Samuel West) in the stunning countryside of 1940s Yorkshire. As James settles in to rural professional life, he must prove himself and his credentials under Siegfried’s watchful eye, whilst trying not to be distracted by Siegfried’s unruly younger brother Tristan, the housekeeper Mrs Hall, and beautiful farmer Helen Alderson (Rachel Shenton) with whom romance may be on the cards. Featuring guest stars such as screen legend the late Diana Rigg and Nigel Havers, the series sees our vet heroes handle everything from horses with injured hooves, feline mix-ups, milk-fever, Mrs Pumphrey’s Pekingese Tricky Woo, and of course classic calfing scenes, there’s something for every animal lover. ‘Irresistible. Always has been, always will be.’ - Mail on Sunday. You could win a DVD set of this feel-good, fun family show, courtesy of Acorn Media, by answering the following question: Who plays stern housekeeper Mrs Hall? Send your name, address and the answer to by 4 December 2020, and the best of luck.

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